Kids Menu


Kids Menu

A special menu for the owls (10 and under)

Breakfast (served from 7a.m.-11a.m. daily)

Baby Burrito

Cold cereal & toast

1 egg, potatoes, bacon & toast

“Friendly-Face” Pancake

French toast & sausage patty

Lunch & Dinner

Half grilled ham & cheese/ with potato chips

Owl Kid’s Taco (your choice of beef or chicken)

Peanutbutter & jelly with potato chips

Kids Hamburger with fries

Kids Cheeseburger with fries

Hot dog with potato chips

Grilled cheese with potato chips

Owl Kid’s Spaghetti

Owl Kid’s Spaghetti and meatballs

Owl Kid’s Chicken strips with potato chips

Mac & Cheese Wedges with potato chips


Sodas | IBC Rootbeer | IBC Cream Soda | Juice
Lemonade | Milk Plain or Chocolate


Sundaes | Ice cream cup | Ice cream cone
Shakes & Malts (serves two)